Genuine Vet Loved Veterinary Bedding

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Use GET5 at checkout for 5% discount on your order today

Genuine Vet Loved Veterinary Bedding for Pets


Dennis Operations Manager

Dennis is the longest serving member of the team with over 10 years of experience. He joined us as an apprentice and has worked his way up to the top position.

Having undergone major spinal surgery he now prefers a more sedate pace of life, allowing the younger team members to do the running around.

Outside of work he likes to spend time on the sofa in his local hostelry where he meets the local cafe owner for a sausage fix.

Barney Head of Security

Barney joined us nearly two years ago from a tattoo parlour in Blackpool, where he had worked for three years.

As is typical of his type, he looks a brute but is in fact a complete softie. Nevertheless he is super effective and since joining us we have not had any security problems!

He also likes to join Dennis at the local hostelry for a sausage and a half pint of stout on special occasions.



Annie Personnel Manager

Annie herself has had a difficult life so is perfectly qualified to care for the team.

In the year she has been with us her talents have been invaluable in keeping the team on their toes and providing a caring cuddle when needed.

To keep the team both physically and emotionally fit she takes them twice daily for a run and to play ball games.

Behind the scenes there are also a number of two legged team members providing an efficient service to our clients and excellent customer care, but they are not photogenic enough to include here!
The only genuine VET LOVED Veterinary Bedding - medical grade fleece bedding used by animal welfare professionals and pet lovers. PETS LOVE Vet Loved Veterinary Bedding as it provides a luxurious soft and comfortable rest.